The Experience

A wise and loving blend of expertise and healing energy

transforms your skin into its radiant essence. Receive a thorough cleansing and conditioning with natural, nourishing formulations that feel and smell divine. Learn to navigate the confusing world of products, so you can 

maintain this magic in your own self care

A Gift of "The Spacial"

The Deeply Relaxing


To order a Gift Certificate or schedule a session,

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orcontact Nikki.

Women eagerly share this blissful, 90-minute healing session with each other, a heavenly facial nick-named, "The Spacial." You go into a deep state of stillness and emerge blissful. This treatment is often the one that acquaints us and initiates your journey of self care. You will then discover new rituals at home that become your daily self-blessing of renewal and beauty. 

A warm amethyst bed relaxes you with infrared heat and Reiki-like energy balancing, while skilled hands and beautiful smelling mixtures restore life into your skin. A thorough massage with carefully blended essential oils releases all you are carrying in your head,neck and shoulders. A soft touch on your forehead lulls you into the alpha state, a peaceful semi-sleep where you unwind completely. Hot healing stones  coated in lavender, orange, ylang yang and frankincense,

line up your spine, further unwinding your back, neck and shoulders while a soothing foot massage transports you even deeper into serenity.