​​​​An astrology session is an uplifting,

positive, self-affirming experience.  

When you see your experience in symbolic reflection,

you breathe a deep sigh of self-recognition.

The nuances of your soul

are held here in this sacred mandala, 

where you feel known and loved unconditionally 

for the essence of who you are. 

​Your natal chart shows you the blue print of your life; your inner life and karmic challenges. It guides you through your "stuck places" toward your light. What do you most yearn to express and become? What ways of being are most fulfilling to you in this lifetime? Your chart is the map of your destiny and how you get there. It does not determine you; it IS you. Discover the beauty of this celestial mirror as it lights your way toward your happiness.

Artwork by Lisa Iris

Astrology-Guided Healing