*Gentle guidance withhealth and lifestyle issues  usually accompanies this session. Whenever we're cleansing, we're letting go of old thought patterns and habits that no longer serve us. This is a detoxifying, rejuvenating session that inspires more vital and fulfilling ways of living. 

Aromatic Body Cleanse

Lemon-soaked towels heat your legs and back to prepare your skin and enliven your circulation. The warm towels give way to warm hands and a perfect slough with a mix of organic sugar, lemon and tangerine oils. Rough winter dryness dissolves to your silky smooth vital, as you receive a hydrating, nourishing Aromatherapy Massage. 

The Amethyst BioMat facilitates the detoxification benefits of your custom blended oils, while you enjoy an additional head, neck shoulder massage, healing stones and foot reflexology.