The healing realms of touch and talk revealed my passion for astrology. I attended Lesley College and received a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. This education taught me to value astrology even more! I try to communicate its value and relevance to our daily lives through all I do. I have a Sagittarian love for teaching. Any moment you make a symbol-to-self connection thrills me, and liberates you.

I feel as though I've been blending products and potions for centuries. I love the challenge of meeting your skin, body and soul's needs from season to season -- and lesson to lesson.  Being around the oils and essences is always a life-giving blessing to me, as is sharing the gift of health with all I understand about lifestyle and wellness.

So, THIS is what I'm doing with a Women's Studies degree for over 25 years: skin and body care, blending essential oils and flower essences, counseling, teaching -- and writing about it all in the monthly Full Moon Journal.  I present these offerings with joy and devotion to rejuvenating the feminine spirit. 

"So, what are you going to do with a Women's Studies degree?" my father, an entertainer, grilled me at 20. With no clear answers, he employed me to make up brides and video tape weddings. As joyful as weddings are, you are on display while entering the deep unknown. While serving souls on this edge, I discovered my love for care-taking. It was a short walk from weddings to wellness, as I honed my skills in skin care and massage.

​Nikki Davis 


Nikki Davis, December 20, 1962

Boston MA, 4:45pm


I am honored to care for you. Our relationship supports the blossoming of your true beauty. I am always in awe of the light that beams through you in the wake of our sessions. 

Yours in Love and Gratitude,