Logo by Daniel Galipeau

whose talent and spirit will be

remembered and cherished always.

Artwork derived from

 "Fantasia" by Lisa Iris 

Welcome to this serene space 

where an array of wellness services

and artisan products nurture your whole being. 

Skin and Body

 A warm amethyst bed awaits you, along with transporting scents, 

hot stones and healing hands. You will experience total relaxation, and emerge feeling radiant and euphoric. Custom-blended, organic creations will nourish and rejuvenate you, body and soul, here and at home. 

Mind and Soul

Revel in the celestial mirror of astrology where you will see

your greatest beauty. Discover how this symbolic spiritual guidance delivers you to your deepest truth, and helps you navigate your unique

path to love, fulfillment and joy.


Let your journey begin as you explore these pages and reflect on your needs.

I look forward to caring for you -- and to your many revelations. ​​